4 Reasons to Install a Smart Thermostat

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A constant struggle in any Canadian home is fighting over the thermostat. Some of us are primarily concerned about comfort, while others are more worried about how expensive the next energy bill will be. Luckily, installing a smart thermostat in your home can get everything you want out of your HVAC system: lower energy bills and increased comfort. We want to share four reasons why you should make the switch to a smart thermostat.

#1 Save Money

Heating and cooling your home uses a lot of energy—in fact, about half of your energy usage is just regulating the temperature in your house!

So, how exactly does a smart thermostat save you money? By using your energy… well… smarter! Your thermostat will learn how to work with your HVAC system to run the right amount of time with the right amount of effort.

Some experts estimate that you will save 10-15% on your energy bill, which could lead to over $150 saved in just a year!

Plus, some smart thermostats give you the option to view energy usage reports, also called an energy profile. These reports will tell you how your energy usage has changed (or stayed the same) and how you can optimize to save even more money.

#2 Better for the Earth

New studies are finding that smart thermostats are better for our planet. A smart thermostat can reduce heating & cooling energy usage by 27-59% without sacrificing your comfort!

Regular thermostats use more energy than is needed throughout the day. This means that our power plants use more fossil fuels to make energy. However, a smart thermostat will make sensible choices that cut down on wasted energy, so you’re only using what is absolutely needed.

The bottom line? Your smart thermostat is one of the best ways you to reduce your carbon footprint.

#3 Control & Convenience: Anywhere at Anytime

Here are just some of the ways that a smart thermostat will give you control of your home’s temperature:

  1. Smart thermostats use geofencing so that your thermostat knows when you’re almost home. It’ll then start slowly changing the temperature in your home. This will help you avoid putting strain on your HVAC system because you won’t be cranking the heat or air conditioning.

  2. Smart thermostats can enter a “low power mode” when inactive, saving even more energy. This is sometimes known as “eco mode” and is a huge reason why your smart thermostat lessens the amount of wasted n   energy.

  3. You can download an app on your smartphone so you can set temperature preferences and schedules! This also comes in handy when you’re too lazy to get off the couch.

The convenience and control of a smart thermostat is the main reason why people are choosing smart thermostats over traditional thermostats. The classic version of a thermostat will not be able to learn your home’s heating and cooling patterns, like when people aren’t home or have gone to sleep.

#4 Easy Installation & Programming

You don’t need any special skills to program your smart thermostat! This DIY project will take you a maximum of 30 minutes, just to make sure to follow the instructions that come with your new device.

Some people are afraid of the “tech,” side of a smart thermostat, but a smart thermostat is easy to program on your smart device.

Pro Tip: Before buying, make sure you talk to a professional about what smart thermostat is compatible with your current HVAC system. Installing a smart thermostat can be a little trickier than programming it.Contact the Trane team to explore smart thermostat solutions!

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