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4 Simple Ways to Improve Home AC Efficiency

4 Simple Ways to Improve Home AC Efficiency

Are you tired of paying too much money for electricity in summer? If you can make your AC system more efficient, you may be able to lower your electric bill. Here are five things anyone can do to help raise AC efficiency and lower energy bills in hot weather.

1. Keep Coils Clean

When you stand behind a running AC unit, you feel warm or hot air blowing on you. An air conditioner works by removing warm air from inside your home and replacing it with cooled air. Your outdoor condenser coils dissipate heat, and if the AC unit cannot effectively remove the heat (because the coils are dirty), it loses a lot of its efficiency. Keep your condenser coils clean with a garden hose or shop vac. It takes very little time to clean the coils.

2. Do Not Run Heat Producing Appliances in the Daytime

When you add heat to your home interior, it makes it harder on your air conditioning system. Do you really need to dry clothes or use your oven during the daylight hours? If you can wait until late at night or early morning, you will not heat your house as much.

3. Check the AC Filter

Your AC filter keeps the air clean in your home and inside your air conditioner. If it gets dirty and clogged, it restricts airflow in the system. This can drastically affect cooling efficiency. Every month, take a look at the filter and replace it before it gets really dirty. Some filters are supposed to be good for 90 days, but it is important to check them frequently in hot weather.

4. Programmable Thermostats for Lower Electricity Bills

Did you know that a programmable indoor HVAC thermostat can cut your utility bills? Here is what you can do. Talk to your AC professionals about installing a new programmable wall thermostat. If you don’t know who to call, find a local Trane dealer here. A programmable thermostat is not expensive, and your technician will show you how to operate it and configure it to your heating and cooling preferences.

Speaking of thermostats, Trane has 3 in particular you’ll want to explore:

Things to Remember

If you want to save money on cooling, make sure your AC outdoor coils stay clean. Use your clothes dryer and oven when it is cooler outside. Check the HVAC filter, talk to your AC professionals about programmable thermostats, and inquire about other money-saving ideas for your HVAC system – including high efficiency air conditioners

Get Additional Help From Your Local Trane Dealer

Your local Trane dealer offers a wide range of preventative maintenance services. They can clean and inspect your HVAC system and spot problems before they happen.

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