Resolute Heat Pump: 4 & 5 Ton

The ResoluteTM system, a combination of an outdoor heat pump and an indoor air handler, offers exceptional versatility in heating and cooling. Its innovative engineering enables it to produce heat in frigid temperatures as low as -30 ºC, while its variable speed compressor ensures high-efficiency heating and cooling, making it Energy Star® qualified and potentially eligible for energy-efficiency rebates. This all-electric system is environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t burn fossil fuels or produce harmful byproducts, helping reduce your carbon footprint and meet regulatory requirements.


  • Tonnage: 4 and 5 Ton
  • Compressor: DC inverter rotary/variable speed
  • Blower motor: Multi-speed
  • Heating Capacity: 48,000-54,000 Btu/h
  • Cooling Capacity: 48,000-54,000 Btu/h
  • Cooling Temperature Range: -15 ºC to 54 ºC
  • Heating Temperature Range: -30 ºC to 24 ºC
  • Refrigerant: Eco-friendly R410A
  • Coil Type: Copper/aluminum
  • Sound Levels: As low as 58 dB
  • Outdoor Unit Discharge: Horizontal
  • Registered Warranty: 10-year parts and compressor