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How to Get your HVAC System Ready for Summer

How to Get your HVAC System Ready for Summer

The summer season is when the most troubling AC breakdowns occur. They can cause a huge mess for you, especially when you are in the middle of something important. That is why we suggest following a few easy steps to keep your HVAC system ready to guard you against the blazing summer heat.

Step 1

Check the air filters and vents all across your house to make sure that they are perfectly clean and not clogged with accumulated debris. Especially the AC filters – they will block the cool air from being released from the AC. If they are clogged, you cannot expect your home to have a very cool environment this summer!

Step 2

Have a team of HVAC professionals take a look at your HVAC system and list any problems they might see. Then you can decide how you want to solve each one of them. You can get the minor repairs on the spot, but you might need to consider your options about any major changes you need to make. For example, sometimes replacement or upgrade costs less than repair.

Step 3

Check all of the outdoor HVAC units to make sure that they are perfectly clean and in great condition. They can cause a lot of disturbance by giving you air that is not clean enough for inhalation. You can better manage a lot of problems – like the respiratory problems caused by the novel Coronavirus this year – by that simple trick.

Step 4

You can also amp up the energy efficiency of your entire cooling system this summer. One way to do that is to get a new cooling system that conserves a lot of energy and reduces your bills in the long term even if it costs you more in the short term. It will likely improve the performance too.

An air conditioning system should have regular HVAC maintenance and prompt repairs done in order to keep it in good condition for years to come. Without these services, your air conditioning equipment might need to be replaced sooner than you expected. Minor repairs should be looked after quickly, to lengthen your A/C equipment’s lifespan. If you need A/C repairs, don’t wait! Call your local Trane dealer now to schedule a repair.