Single Zone VS Multi Zone Solutions – Which Solution is Best For YOU?

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If you are planning on installing an air conditioning or heating system you may have heard about “single zone” or “multi zone” options. What is the difference between a single zone or a multizone system, and more importantly what is the right system for you?

“Single zone” or “multi zone” options: What is the difference?

Choosing between the two will depend on your intended utilization. If you are looking to provide heat or cooling across all areas of your home, then a multi-zone system will be your solution. However, if you only need a solution for one specific area of your home (for example, the upper floor) then a single-zone system may best serve your needs. 

Singe-zone Systems

Single-zone systems are a sufficient way to deliver excellent cooling and heating to a single room or smaller area in your home. If you already have central air or another air conditioning system, you could simply add a single-zone system to cool down just that area. Some homeowners choose a single-zone system to cool their garage or an add-on to their house rather than a window cooling unit.

Multi-zone Systems

Multi-zone systems have the capability of cooling or heating multiple areas in your home. There is also the option to have split systems that allow you to control the temperature for each room separately. This is a great option for houses with several family members who may have different temperature preferences. With a multi-zone unit, you have the option to turn off cooling and heating to specific areas that are not being used. With a multi-zone mini split system, you will be saving energy and money!

Determining the Best Options

The main difference between single-zone and multi-zone systems, besides the number of units required, is the cost. A multi-zone system will cost more than a single-zone application. However, a higher cost does not necessarily mean it’s a better choice. The best choice for you will be the one that serves the needs of your home at the most affordable option. Your requirements and specific needs will determine the best heating and cooling options for you. When deciding between the two systems you will have to consider room size, cost, the ease of installation, and a few other factors. We encourage you to reach out to your local Trane Dealer for a quote and to discuss your individual needs in detail.

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