The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

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On average, modern people spend at least 75% of their time indoors. That includes any time that they spend in different rooms like the office, classroom, and home. That is why the right quality indoor is necessary to ensure your optimal well-being in these environments.

How does indoor air get polluted?

The indoor air is affected by all the activities and processes that continue indoors including tobacco smoking, shedding from the fur of pets, any sneezing or coughing, deteriorating asbestos, emitted substances and debris from newly installed carpets, upholstery, or flooring. Smoke and fumes from cooking as well as the dirt collected in HVAC filters can also contribute to the pollution of indoor air.

What are the short-term effects of low indoor air quality?

The short-term effects that can be noticed after exposure to low quality air for a short while include irritation of eyes or the respiratory passage including nose and throat. Coughing and sneezing are the immediate symptoms. Some people show an immediate adverse reaction to low quality air while others are sensitized after repeated exposure to the same allergen or irritant.

What are the long-term effects of low indoor air quality?

They are much more deteriorative to the overall health of an individual. Cancer causing agents can accumulate in the body of an individual breathing low quality air over the course of years. They will eventually cause serious trouble like heart or lung cancer. Also, the health of the lungs slowly gets worse and worse over time and often results in potentially fatal conditions. Asthma is a common complication.

What can be done about it?

The best way to combat indoor air quality issues is to keep your HVAC system up to date and maintained very carefully. Avoid letting any debris and dirt accumulate in any part of the equipment.

An air conditioning system should have regular HVAC maintenance and prompt repairs done in order to keep it in good condition for years to come. Without these services, your air conditioning equipment might need to be replaced sooner than you expected. Minor repairs should be looked after quickly, to lengthen your A/C equipment’s lifespan. If you need A/C repairs, don’t wait! Call your local Trane dealer now to schedule a repair.

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