The Right Cleaning Routine for Reducing Air Pollution Indoors

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Do you know that improving indoor air quality can be rather affordable? Once you make a few important changes in your cleaning routine, you’ll be able to notice the difference.

Following a strict cleaning routine is the perfect solution to a high quantity of air pollutants infiltrating your home every other day. You might have noticed that these days, dust accumulates inside your house much faster than it used to.

Dust is full of unwanted particles, and in the winter, it turns the fog into smog. Smog is a word that is mainly used for dusty fumes of air.

The same particles that form visible smoke later spread in the atmosphere. They then become the dust that infiltrates your environment quickly and more frequently. We are sharing four tips that can help you establish and maintain the perfect cleaning routine to combat this issue.

What is a proper cleaning routine for reducing air pollution indoors?

Clean the HVAC Filters and Grills

The filters and grills form the primary source of everything good and bad that you inhale within the air. It’s important to keep them at the top of your priority list when cleaning. You can do this at home with minimal HVAC know-how, however, hiring a professional service occasionally isn’t a bad idea.

Pay Special Attention to the Exhaust, Ceiling Fans, and Cobwebs

The exhaust, as you might have noticed, accumulates a lot of dust that it sucks in, and so do ceiling fans. It is always a good idea to clean them thoroughly and make sure they’re not dispersing dust all the time while they’re running. Cobwebs are also a major source of bacteria and should be taken care of regularly.

Make Sure You Uproot the Mold

When atmospheric humidity levels rise, mold and mildew can plague many wet corners of your home. Dealing with these problems in real time can prevent your environment from getting contaminated.

Clean the Windows Inside and Out

Most people don’t do the windows in detail, but they are a very important source of ventilation AND dust/germs, so they must be cleaned very thoroughly.

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