Three Ways to Prepare your Furnace for Winter

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With a freezing winter lying ahead, it’s always a good idea to make sure your heating system is in perfect condition to protect you from the cold. A problem in your furnace can cause significant distress for you if you’re unable to get it detected and fixed quickly.

Prevention is always preferable over a fix, and you can avoid an emergency situation with your furnace by preparing it for the chilly winter months during late summer to fall.

We’re sharing three ways you can make sure that you won’t have a problem with your furnace this winter.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re keen on conserving energy and preventing excessive heat or congestion, you can upgrade your thermostat! A programmable thermostat will keep the temperature in your house stable and within a fixed range while preventing occasional over or under-heating. Your furnace will not burn for any longer than necessary, and you can cut down on your monthly bills.

Check the Intake Pipe for Obstructions

If you have a modern condensing furnace that uses an air intake pipe for energy efficiency, you’d do well to check for any obstruction before you start using it. Often, when pipes are left unused for quite a while, they get clogged with all kinds of junk from the environment.

Make Sure Filters are Good as New

Many furnaces use air filters to prevent dirt and dust from contaminating the indoor environment. Some have a shorter durability of about 1-3 months while others come with an annual disposability. Make sure you have changed your filters in time, and that there’s no dust clogging any of the furnace filters that you’re using.


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