What You Need To Know Before You Buy An Air Conditioner

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While Canada isn’t known for extreme heat for prolonged periods of times, Canadians still experience temperatures in the 30+ range. Finding a reprieve from the summer heat, no matter which province you reside, can often be as simple as walking into your own home!

When outside is sweltering, you can create a cool climate indoors with the right air conditioner. Like new windows or shingles, a quality AC unit is a major home enhancement – and a purchase homeowners take seriously. To help in your decision-making process, we’ve outlined the top points to consider before you make your purchase.

The Different Types of Air Conditioner Units

Single Stage:

This AC unit has one speed, meaning it’s either cooling or its off. For those on a budget, a single stage system is a great option, especially with a brand like Trane that constructs their units using many of the same parts found in the high-end systems.

Two Stage:

Sometimes referred to as a dual-stage unit, this operates on either a low or high speed, adding the efficiency feature to an air conditioner. When temperatures are higher, the unit runs at the highest speed. When the heat drops, so does the unit speed to converse energy and lower power bills.

Variable Speed:

These advanced units offer the best in efficiency and performance. Their speeds are determined based on the need, whether that’s the outdoor weather, humidity or set indoor temperature). The latest technology featured in these systems ensures precise climate control and greater comfort for your family.

Know what to expect and understand the benefits each type of system brings.

If you choose the top-of-the-line system with a variable speed compressor, your unit should:

  • Be whisper quiet
  • Operate at the highest efficiency with the most savings per month
  • Give you precise control
  • Cool your home evenly
  • Provide outstanding humidity control

If you decide on an entry-level, single-stage air conditioner, you can expect:

  • Some operational sounds
  • An increase in efficiency and lower power bills
  • Improved comfort with some temperature fluctuations
  • Cool climate control, but not as precise as a variable-speed system
  • Noticeable humidity control

The Right Installer

An air condition system is a 15 to 20 year commitment, possibly more if installed well. Aside from choosing a reputable brand, selecting the right contractor will make a huge impact on your purchase. Even the best system installed poorly will fail. Units installed by quality, professional contractors help ensure your new investment is performing at its peak, that power bills are lower and that your home is always comfortable.

Your new air conditioner is a complex system that requires proper sizing, connections and refrigerant charge (to name a few) to maximize its performance and lifetime. Choosing the right company to install your unit is one of the most important steps in the process. To view Trane approved contractors in your area, click here

XV20i: Trane's Most Efficient System

XV20i: Trane's Most Efficient System

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