XV20i: Trane’s Most Efficient System

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XV20i is Trane’s most efficient air conditioning (AC) system that they sell. With up to 22 SEER and running at the precise speed that you need for your home – even on the hottest of days – very few products can top the XV20i.

The Attractive Features of the XV20i

More attractive features of this EnergyStar approved system include ComfortLink™ II communicating technology, quiet due to the compressor sound insulator, extremely durable, and sleek design.

The XV20i is an Extremely Efficient Air Conditioner

Due to the extreme efficiency of this system, energy bills will be low, as very little energy is wasted. Trane suggests that this system has energy savings of approximately 64%, which would lower the carbon footprint of your household – doing your part to support the environment.

A Great Investment With Warranty

To top off this system, the XV20i comes at an affordable price with a 10-year registered limited warranty on all internal parts, and a 12-year registered limited warranty on the compressor. So, this system is an investment in the long run, saving you money throughout the years.

The Ultimate in Clean Air and Comfort

Furthermore, you can add Trane CleanEffects to the XV20i, which acts as an air cleaner and can remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles. This revolutionary add-on can keep your household healthy and happier. Air cleaners drastically improve the air you breathe in by removing dust, debris, bacteria, or pollutants, and can especially ease the life of those who suffer from asthma or allergens. All in all, Trane’s XV20i is one of the most efficient air conditioning systems on the market, that can provide ultimate comfort through precise climate control while saving you money.

Why Trane

Why Trane

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