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When it comes to choosing a new furnace or air conditioner, comfort is often the driving force. But “comfort” can mean many things – beyond temperature, noise level, humidity and air flow, the true measure of comfort is having peace of mind. To find that level of confidence in your purchase, the three big features to look for are Reliability, Performance and Longevity.


A good reputation takes years to build. A great one, takes decades.

Trane has been in the furnace and AC game for more than 120 years, making it one of the most trusted brands on the market. And for good reason. Every Trane product is designed, built and tested to last. That’s why Trane furnaces and AC units are renowned for their efficiency, durability and quality. When it’s time for a tune-up or service call, our trusted dealers are at your service, whenever you need them. Reliability runs through Trane’s veins from the first product sketch to the latest install.


There’s a reason why “It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.”

Every Trane product is pushed to extremes again and again and again. The company boasts an impressive 16-week testing program that blasts units in blistering cold and schorching heat. Others have been frozen in solid ice or run for over 2,600 continuous hours to make sure they hold up to the Trane name. That type of gruelling testing means only the best, most reliable units make it onto the market and into your home.


Trane Stands For Quality Because Trane Stands Behind Their Products

If you’ve ever wondered why Trane products last, it’s all in the details. Trane seeks out the latest innovations and applies those advancements to their products. Each furnace and air conditioning system is made of custom engineered parts built to outperform what’s available on the market. Combined with Trane’s exclusive technology, it’s no wonder homeowners rank Trane the highest for satisfaction, along with reliability, lasting power and quality[1]

A new air conditioner or furnace is a major household purchase that can last for decades. Having confidence in your purchase means you’ll enjoy your home for years. With a name like Trane, you can rest easy.

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[1] Independent 2012 HVAC Claim Study, funded by Ingersoll Rand

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